MAKAL was founded in 2018. It was built on two decades of pioneering the world’s first mining business to produce fully traceable gold from ethical operations and women-run cooperatives. MAKAL’s founder, Daniela Colaiacovo, led the way with zero-waste extraction, chemical-free processing and a business model that included local artisanal miners as equal business partners. Mining as a positive force for community development is in the DNA of the MAKAL brand.


My experience in gold mining was rare for a businesswoman. There are very few female executives in mining today. Working at my family’s mine in Central America, I saw the potential of raw gold nuggets first-hand. I could see the beauty of the formations of solid gold, naturally shaped by weather and gravity. While other mines just melted them down and mixed them together, I wanted to capture their natural beauty.

Watching the nuggets being lifted by hand from the clear waters of the Mayan river, I knew then that one day I would place them at the heart of my own jewellery range. I was inspired by the Mayan civilisation and decided to name the brand MAKAL after an ancient river at the heart of that culture. Passionate about art and design, I use premium Italian craftsmanship drawn from my own heritage to enhance the beauty of the raw nuggets with pure precious materials and gemstones and contemporary designs.

I have established a truly ethical and sustainable business, based on my own beliefs and principles. MAKAL is not an exercise in clever branding, it is built on years of credibility and integrity, to bring mindful fine jewellery to the discerning, principled and individualistic customer.

MAKAL is “Jewellery Brand Runner-Up” – Sustainable Lifestyle Awards 2019